First Gluten-free in Russia

Mixture "Almond Cookies" Garnec

Number of units per pack
  • 1
Product Characteristics
Shelf Life, months 12



Almond cookies are one of the most delicious and popular treats in the world. Our mix will help you quickly and easily recreate a traditional dessert that will pleasantly surprise you with a delicate texture and a pronounced nutty taste. The mix is based on millstone flour, which preserves the balanced natural composition of the grain, meaning that your pastries will be not only tasty, but also healthy! This product does not contain gluten. The product is tested for gluten at each production phase. Garnec was the first in Russia to receive the right to label its products with the “Crossed Grain” trademark.


per 100 g
Proteins per 100 g 9
Fats per 100 g 17
Carbohydrates per 100 g 70
Kcal per 100 g 470

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