First Gluten-free in Russia



Baking made from the Rice mixture is tender and very nutritious


Products made from the mixture "Corn" have a pleasant aroma of corn

Overview of our novelty in the gluten-free line: mixture "Egg Substitute" ТМ Garnec

The mixture fully replenishes the thickening property of eggs in baking.

NEW! Gluten-free lentil flour TM Garnec

Lentil flour is an excellent source of micro and macro elements

NEW! Millet flour without gluten ТМ Garnec

Millet flour is suitable for dietary and baby food

Meet the review of the gluten-free line "Rice + Buckwheat" ТМ Garnec

"Rice + Buckwheat" is a line of unique gluten-free flour mixtures.

Alternative to dairy products: What can replace milk, cheese and butter?

Very often, those who decide to give up “milk” are faced with the problem of what to replace these products with?

The Gluten Free Diet: A Beginner's Guide

A gluten-free diet is the only medically recognized treatment for celiac disease.

Top 9 Foods to Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Everyone knows the saying: “We are what we eat”, and this is true.

How to deal with food allergies: 5 helpful tips

Food allergies occur when the body is hypersensitive to food.