First Gluten-free in Russia

About Garnec

Garneс - a measure of the volume of flour and cereals, equal to 1/8 of a quadrangle = 3.28 liters. (Dictionary)
TM "Garneс" is a trademark specializing in the production of flour from cereals and legumes.

Garneс is an old Russian word that was used until the 19th century at a time when no one had heard the words “genetic engineering”, “food additives”, “herbicides”, “pesticides”, etc.

For us, this word means a commitment to simple healthy products, the quality of which is as close as possible to the products of that time.

We don't believe in refining or "chemical additives" in food production. From all this, only "inventors" and manufacturers receive tangible benefits, while consumers acquire serious illnesses. No one is able to create food more adapted to the assimilation of the human body than nature.

We produce DIFFERENT flour.