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Despite the apparent abundance and availability of products, the nutrition of modern man is very monotonous. The basis of modern nutrition are wheat, rye, barley.

In one form or another, these three cereals are involved in the production of almost all products. This can be their direct use as a raw material for the production of flour, cereals, bread baking, or indirect use as feed for livestock and poultry. After all, after the breakdown of gluten molecules during the digestive process, their fragments are found in the meat and milk of animals that received gluten with food. Also, latent gluten can be found in many types of products: sauces, pastes, yoghurts, semi-finished products, etc.

Consistent and prolonged consumption of foods that include wheat, rye, and barley can cause allergic reactions and/or immune responses leading to cancer, diabetes, and many other serious illnesses.

Gluten, gluten is a concept that unites a group of proteins contained in grains of wheat, rye and barley.

Only 1% of the population suffers from such a disease as celiac disease (that is, complete gluten intolerance), but according to some estimates, at least one in three people may have some degree of reaction to gluten. With such a disease, the immune system perceives the protein as foreign, forcing the body to fight it. At the same time, even the smallest doses of gluten can cause a serious allergic reaction.

TM Garnec products are designed for people who want to eliminate or reduce the use of products containing gluten.

We produce "other" products for the whole family.